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Welcome to the SHO Web site

"show":... to exhibit, to be seen, to perform, to demonstrate, to make a point... a place to SHO-off art! .

Set up in 2010 The SHO is an independent friendly gallery, shop and studio. Lots to inspire & tools to create! Catering for art/design appreciators and individuality seekers. Bringing together collections of contemporary design, gifts for the home and stuff we love! We also stock a range of art supplies and offer a custom framing service.
Past Exhibition - Hi five
‘Hi five’ is an exhibition celebrating The SHO’s fifth anniversary!

What better way to celebrate this, than to exhibit new and exclusive works by selected talented local artists & designers who have played a part in the gallery’s success over the years. The exhibited collection of designs & artworks, by at least 20 different artists, ranges from screen-printed illustration to 3D objects & special editions.

Previously SHOwn
I just stepped through a rainbow
An exhibition by Barrie J Davies

17th - 23rd April 2015 Upper Gallery

Artist Barrie J Davies presents an new exhibition at The SHO Gallery in Cardiff. Barrie’s latest pieces are fun, new, exciting, pop, gone wrong, surrealist paintings

A solo exhibition by Spike Dennis 24th March - 4th April 2015 Upper Gallery

The exhibition featured interactive hand embroidered objects and short films featuring Spike's glove puppets.

Some pictures of the event can be seen HERE - explicit content - not suitable for children

Drawn Out
An exhibition of illustrated type by "Yet Another Collective" 19th Sept - 4th Oct 2014 Upper Gallery

Pictures from the event can be seen HERE

Pixel Dust
Pixel Dust 14th June - 12th July 2014 - Jonathan Ball is an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Cardiff on a diet of pixel dust. Inspired by lo-brow art forms such as cartoons, retro video games, urban art and cute monsters, he creates fantasy worlds and characters in vibrant colours and settings.

Pictures from the event can be seen HERE

Misfit love
The first exhibition of original illustrations by gig poster designer & horror movie fanatic Adam Chard, AKA Croatoan lovingly-inked zombies, monsters and video nasties; trash culture pumped through a rotten heart.

Pictures from the event can be seen HERE

17th 31st August 2013 EPIC - A show about mountains A collection of illustrative works by Katy Christianson, Martha Ford and Dawn Cooper, accompanied by live music from Dear Leaders

Pictures from the event can be seen HERE

Sleep Spindles
Debut solo show by abstract neo-expressionist painter, SNOW SKULL

An exhibition of new and collaborative works

Curated by Rebbecca Wyn Kelly

Pictures from the event can be seen HERE

Fonxo Loves The UK
11 May - 11 June 2013 Fonzo Loves the UK a custom toy show by FreakStore with a great line up of artists including:

MapMap, David Bishop, Drilone, 64Colors, Rsin, Squink, Sergio Mancini, Burundanga Design, Chauskoskis, Ume Toys, Charles Rodriguez, Mr Mitote, Artmymind, Gabriel Carpio, Otto Bjorkik, Stu Witter, Camilla D Errico, Double Parlour, The Beast Brothers, Hugh Rose, Gerard MDS, Jeremiah Ketner, Daniel Fleres

Pictures from the event can be seen HERE

WOMB - A Collaborative show from Cardiff based artists Tom Kitchen and Deprived Anxiety. Exhibiting a collection of original, screen printed and Digital artworks

Pictures from the event can be seen HERE

Lunartik Mini Tea Tour
An exhibition featuring over 70+ custom works of art based on Matt JOnes platform art toys “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea". These artistic interpretations have been brewed to perfection by a fine selection of World Artists.
A Collection of work from "Invisible Creature"
The SHO exhibited a collection of works by 'Invisible Creature' a Seattle based design due, Don & Ryan Clark.

A selection of both framed and unframed Limited edition prints are available. More about 'Invisible Creature' and the show can be seen here.

'Made In Roath - SHOrts' 13th - 21st October
A Big Thank you to all who contributed their films for this years 'Made In Roath' festival the event was fun and the films were enjoyed by many! For full listings and details see here
"Women In Black & White"" 7th SEP - 10th OCT 2012
by Alice Randone exhibiting work by Sara Zanocchio & Sarah-Louise Wilkinson

Using different techniques they explore the complexity of the human being, the woman.

Pictures from the exhibition and open evening can be seen here

"Manifesto" 4th - 16th SEP 2012
A group exhibition by the 'Pack of Wolves' collective.

Exhibting original drawings by: Kimberly Adams, Spike Dennis, Layla Holzer, Amelia Johnstone, Faye Scott-Carrington, Chrissy Wallace

Pictures from the exhibition and open evening can be seen here

"Dragons" a charity custom toy show- 18th August 2012
Featuring works by, A Little Stranger, Alto, Blue-Frog, Cheo, Cris Rose, David Stevenson, DMS, Dr Barbados, Emily Bee, Fark-Fk, Felt Mistress, Flatties, Hoakser, Inkbotz, Jim Freckingham, Jonathan E, Jon-Paul Kaiser, KerryDyer, KeziArt, Lady Lauren Loves, Lex, Lisa Rae Hansen, Lunabee, Map Map, Mark James, Mark Treharne, Mike Strick, Mimic, Model Maker, Mr Lister, Neese, Pete Fowler, PJ Constable, Planet Domu, Podgy Panda, Run DMB, Sneaky Raccoon, Sourbones, Squink, Stae, Stu Witter, Taylored Curiosities, TMH, Triclops Studios, Ume Toys, Uncle Absinthe, Zombiekel, Zro Toys, Zukaty

Curated by Andy Kelly, the evening and show were a great success raising lots of funds for DiabetesUK. See the blog for more details.

"Songs and Stories (part.1)" with Mikey Price and Phil Okwedy 4th August 2012

Following a successful event, part 2 will be coming later in the year!

(Dates to be confirmed)

Images from the event can be viewed here

"Art Flare 1" 7th July - 7th August 2012

This was the first of many 'ART FLARE' Open exhibitions to come. Artists from mixed backgrounds are offered a platform to hire gallery space, exhibit and sell their art. Art Flare.1 included:

<Dale Evans | Emilie Michail | Gerard Whyman | i am acrylic | Jessica Draws | Lemons for lemonade | Lesley Dearn | Phil Watkins | Rosaline Dolton | Ruth Foster | Sophie Barras | Sue Paton

"Persona" Character design exhibition 25th May - 4th July 2012

An exhibition celebrating the art of character design; the creation of a visual personality with a strong and interesting identity. Exhibiting artworks of 'Characters' created through imagination and brought to life through design. A collection of works by selected artists and designers including:

A little stranger - Dan Chernett - Dominic Maye - Ed & Flo - HollowShells - Huw Barrett

Ian Watson - Jimbob Isaac - Mr Go - Nathan Miller - Philip Morgan - Ross Cocker

"Just In Time" Charity Show by Flatties - 9th June 2012

'Just In Time' is an event organised by toy enthusiasts Flatties, a collaborative charity project which aims to raise money for "Together for Short Lives". A project aiming to promote artists and toy customisers work into the public domain while raising money for a worth while cause. The launch for the project was held at the SHO, exhibiting customs and artworks from contributing artists and was a great evening. Reaming pieces from the event can be purchase from the generic art website here Some highlights from the exhibition can be seen here

"Take It To The Bridge" by CHEO - 20th April -20th May 2012

'Take It To The Bridge' is a solo exhibition by the mighty Bristol based graffiti artist CHEO. Introducing a brand new collection of works, bringing an exciting exhibition of original canvases and a series of prints across the water for a Cardiff audience.

Some highlights from the exhibition can be seen here

"Beast slaying and other wholesome activities" 24th Feb - 5th April 2012

'Beast Slaying' was a collaboration between Cardiff Artists Luke Hyde and Joe Latham exhibiting a stunning series of paintings depicting scenes from their fantasy scenarios and character creations. The exhibition ran alongside a selection of limited edition prints from some top national and international illustrators including: Mat Miller, Tim McDonagh, Yosiell Lorenzo and CRAWW

Some highlights from the exhibition can be seen here

"Christmas Collection" - 25th Nov- 24th Dec 2011

The Christmas 2011 mixed exhibition included works by: deprivedanxiety, Dan Green, Mat Miller, James Moore, Philip Morgan, Shirley Pearson, Josh Redman Ceramics, Polly Reichelt, Helen Smith, Rob Stevens, Tabitha Urch, Katy Webster as well as some regular favourites.

"SHO-Meow" - 22nd Oct- 24th Nov 2011
"SHO-Meow" an exhibition of artworks representing our love/hate relationship with the feline species.

Exhibiting artists include:

| Hidden Moves | Ross Cocker | Hyesu Lee | Huw Barrett | Nic Finch | | Annie Dashwood | LWMC | Steve John | Ruth Mansley | Sarah McEachran |
"Subtitle" - 03rd September - 09th October 2011

Exhibiting contemporary artists working with the art of lettering. Inspired by the relationship between written and illustrated messages, a captivating exhibition of design derived by text and a fascination with books including works by:

Ben Davies. Sarah Edmonds. Tom Kitchen. Liz Price. Kate Hamilton-Hunter Jewellery. Sarah Defriend. Studiosquareone.

Vol.1 sound inspired art - 22nd July - 29th August 2011
An exhibition created from the influence of sound, through the love of music and the impact it has culture has on the art world.

“Vol.1" presents a collective of visual versions and new works by selected artists. Including work from:

Charlotte Marie Evans, Nic Finch, Darren Floyd, Matt Joyce, Ben Lamb, Matt Needle and more. 

Border & Line - 27th May - 10th July 2011
Using the the language of line, pattern & shape "Border & Line" presents traditional technique synced with original pieces alongside limited run prints, classical themes within an iteligible contemporary border. Including work by:

Annie Dashwood, Graham Philips, Philip Watkins, Cathryn Weatherhead, Mark Youd

Green Screen Exhibition - 9thApril - 21st May 2011
"Green Screen" was a group exhibition featuring screen prints, seasonal imagery, homewares and more. Please click on artist for more details:

Nigel Bowles, Maggie Davies, Eak Design, Ed & Flo, by kirsty, Tom Kitchen and Valerie Lesley.

SHO-me Illustration - 4th Feb - 24th March 2011
The "SHO-me Illustration" featured some great contemporary design by artists:

Matt Jones (aka LUNARTIK), Jonathan Ball (aka Poked Studio), Liz Price, Renato Pequito, Matt Joyce,Will Hodge, Matt Needle, Huw Barrett, and Ben Thomas. A vibrant collection which displayed both drawn and digital illustration.  

Stuff for sale in the SHO-P
For our full range visit the SHO or various items are available online!
As well as our current exhibition in the Gallery we have many other artwork and prints available in store and online. From original paintings to limited edition digital and screen prints.

The The SHO is always keen to support the collectible designer toy scene and carries a selection of cool vinyl art from different designers, including kidrobot, Lunartik, toy2R and many more

A collection of home ware and lifestyle products designed to inspire. This includes tableware, printed tea towels, art cushions and much more.

The SHO has an ongoing range of screen printed T-shirts, textiles and a unique collection of crafted jewellery from different artists.

A wide range of greeting cards, gift wrap and other fun bits. Including crafted and designed cards from local artists as well as designs from Urban Graphic, Black Rabbit, HIMP and many more. A selection of art and design books and magazines are stocked, covering designer lifestyle, photography, digital arts, graphic design illustration and more.
Supplies For Artists
A range of SHO Branded Sketch books are available in both case bound and Eco size variations

At the SHO we are pleased to offer our custom framing service, made to order in house. Please feel free to pop in or email us your measurements for a quote. (some size restrictions do apply)

Framing artwork comprises of making the frame, glazing, mounting, sealing and stringing ready to hang on the wall. Please visit the Gallery to see the options we have to offer. We can also make custom mirrors to your requirements

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Becoming one of our exhibiting artists is on an invitation basis only.

However, if you would like to introduce yourself/work to us then you can email us with a link to your portfolio - Gallery space for solo/group exhibitions is available for hire where appropriate, please contact with your proposal for consideration and further details.

Due to the number of emails we receive everyday from artists all over the world, we’re sorry that we cannot reply to every email. But if we like your work we will keep you on file and we will contact you! Please do not bring portfolios or work to the gallery - thanks!