Coast Lines

COAST LINES Four artists with four very different styles and approaches find inspiration in the lines of the coast that connects their homes between Porthcawl and Newport. Each hopes to capture aspects of the character and magic of this stretch of coast.


"ART FLARE 1" Exhibition,

7th of July- 7th of August 2012

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at the SHO Gallery


Based in Cardiff, I like to experiment and explore materials and processes. For this show I've used our Coastlines theme to further explore encaustic, a medium I first played with a few years back. When working with molten wax, directness and speed are of the essence and since control is tricky, careful planning is critical but after that I work with what the wax itself is doing. These moody results are a combination of my initial vision, memories and serendipity.

My images are all inspired by the coast of the Wetlands nature reserve in Newport. It’s a tranquil place, peaceful and relatively quiet despite the presence of two large power stations as neighbours. It can be also be a melancholic place. When the tide is out large stretches of mud banks are revealed and little islands of rocks and vegetation appear. There are also remnants of dead trees and scattered detritus, which add to the sense that this is a moribund place. It’s a stark contrast to the wetlands reservation just inland – an area that provides a home for wildlife to thrive. Outside of Coast Lines I am a cartoonist, illustrator and artist, most recently I painted two dragons for the SuperDragons 2012 trail in Newport.

Living on the South Wales coast, I'm lucky enough to experience the many moods of sea and sky on a daily basis.  Battling board and charcoal among the rocks on a windy day, catching a flaming sunset on camera or simply being there to absorb the atmosphere.  I hope the images here, drawn from my encounters with the Porthcawl coast go some way to capturing the spirit of the place.  In addition to doing my own work, I am a freelance Arts Coordinator delivering creative workshops, life drawing classes, drawing courses, and private lessons.

I am an artist and tutor based in Cardiff although my work takes me further afield. 
Inspired by the coast around Sully, Penarth and Cardiff Bay, I have used beach minerals and plants to create tactile paintings of the places I've visited. A natural fascination with nature's little details means I often bring home shells, bits of sand, seaweed and other debris, which end up in my glass-topped coffee table in the living room. The shellscapes are a result of staring far too closely and for far too long at these seashells, where I have discovered intriguing landscapes upon their surfaces. By doing this I have managed to avoid doing housework for several months ....