Sophie Barras

Her style is simplistic and still developing, but she remains strongly influenced both musically and artistically by Bluenote records, 60's and 70's funk, gospel and soul, the illustrations and prints of Charlie Harper, graffiti and hip hop culture. Becoming a single mum in her early 20's led to her drive and motivation to be a strong role model for her daughter. Her paintings and prints often celebrate and depict bold female characters and her love of the ocean, her place of sanctuary and balance. The works within the Art Flare exhibition are a selection of canvases, limited edition hand screened prints and mixed media cards, all illustrated printed and created by the artist. Pyklops. *Definition She who is balanced, but who always has an eye for a pie. *


"ART FLARE 1" Exhibition,

7th of July- 7th of August

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at the SHO Gallery